Tech Update – April Tech Update

It may be cooling down outside but here at Social Places, we’re keeping things hot this 2023 with a range of new features and updates for a smoother user experience.

Calendar View

We’ve now implemented a calendar view to our Social Suite which enables you to view all scheduled content for a specific store over a period of a month.

Shareable link

Shareable links are an innovative addition to our dashboard allowing quicker transfers of entries to fellow users. Simply Click the link in the corner of a row, in the dashboard tables to share an item with your team.

Store updates

Our store hover component has now been enhanced to include links to connected pages. Users can now easily view connected pages and see whether there are any connection errors on Google, Facebook, Instagram, etc.

Facebook Login

Due to updates to Facebook’s API and permissions we’ve added an extra step to our connection process to ensure full access to necessary updates and dashboard functionality. Check out our blog for more info:

2023 Digital Marketing & Customer Journey Report:

March saw us launch our 4th edition   Digital Marketing and Customer Journey Report. Results are available for download from our website: 

The collected stats provide a wider perspective on online consumer engagement in South Africa, Australia, and the US. They highlight the behavioral changes post-Covid and emphasize the importance of listings, social tools, and reviews to any business owner.

Contact our sales team at for more info.

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