75% of customers prefer to make an online booking vs Telephone booking

Restaurant Booking
Platform built specifically
for Franchises

User Friendly Widgets in your Branding

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Custom widgets

allow for “book now” buttons
on Facebook, Google and your website.

Print or export

your reservations.

Customer & Booking Tags

Understand your customers by tagging them with attributes such as VIP, Vegetarian, or Wine Lover.

Custom Notifications

  • Customer SMS & email notifications for bookings.
  • Reminder SMS for upcoming bookings.
  • In-store manager SMS & email notifications.
  • Customised notifications per brand and store.
  • Prompt Reviews After a Visit


  • Reporting on a brand and store level.
  • ROI Calculator.
  • Track online bookings, telephone bookings & walk-ins. • Track no shows, cancellations and fulfilled bookings.
  • 6 month overviews of stats.