Manage reviews, reputation and omni channel CRM at scale

Manage your business reviews & brand reputation at scale


60.6% said that the recency of reviews mattered when looking for a business.


89.5% of consumers trust reviews as much as a personal recommendation.


Positive reviews influence people to interact with a business by clicking to visit their website, calling or visiting.

Aggregate Feedback

From Multiple Channels

Powered by Mila AI

CRM Features

  • Prioritise Urgent Cases
  • Assign Case Owners
  • Internal Notes + Case History
  • Customer Database Management
  • Email + SMS from Dashboard
  • External email + SMS ingestion
  • Status Updates

Ai Powered ChatBot

  • Machine learning and Natural Language Processing powered by MILA
  • Multi Channel Chatbot, website, WhatsApp, Twitter, Skype
  • FAQ, custom responses per platform, Store Locator, Receive Reviews, Human Handoff

Get Live Customer Feedback

  • Branded mobile responsive site
  • Custom user journeys & form fields
  • Customised notifications for brands, managers & customers

Showcase your Reviews

  • Choose which platform and review score to showcase
  • Brand or store level reviews
  • Great for SEO
  • Use our API to show customer reviews and testimonials to your website

Journey Forms

Create White-labelled customer feedback Journeys. Developed specifically for franchises or multi-location businesses.


Insights to drive operational
change at a brand and store level

Listening Solution

Track your brand & competitors from across the web and social channels.