No more back and forth emails, missed briefs, or incomplete briefing info.

Manage your business Create briefing journeys for any industry

Simplify your processes

Simplify engagement between franchisees and head office saving time and increasing productivity. Collaborate on the omni-channel chat widget to centralise all communication.

Track Progress

Track progress with status tabs displaying: open, pending, in production, or completed briefs.

Safe, Secure, and Central

Reduce security risk and maintain confidentiality by hosting briefs through the Social Places dashboard. Briefing Journeys create a safe, secure and central environment for all communications between franchisees and head office.

Maintain Format

Easily obtain all of the correct information in the required format, and increase overall brief clarity. Clear requests with all required info result in less back and forth among stakeholders.

Custom Briefing Journeys

Designed to easily send requests to the relevant head-office stakeholders, through a range of white-labelled forms.