Transforming the Restaurant Landscape in South Africa
The restaurant industry is highly competitive, so unless you have a star chef or a novel cuisine, chances are you will experience some trouble standing out from the crowd. Not…

The restaurant industry is highly competitive, so unless you have a star chef or a novel cuisine, chances are you will experience some trouble standing out from the crowd. Not only is the industry highly competitive, but you can be sure that your guests are tweeting, posting and Instgramming out your restaurant online. This blog post highlights several pioneering companies providing software to give your restaurant the competitive edge it needs to separate itself from the masses, as well as ease your worries about what is posted online.


First, to kick off the list is Dineplan, your solution to the complications and headaches associated with restaurant reservations. This hassle-free electronic reservations system trades the paper reservation book for a more efficient web-based experience, for both you, the restauranteur, and the diner.

Multiple device logins from numerous locations allows management to check up on reservations at any time from anywhere, even without an internet connection. Dineplan offers numerous variations to suit the style of your establishment, including real-time bookings and confirmations. Another great feature is database generation, where client records are automatically created, allowing for the seamless distribution of e-newsletters and seasonal offers, forming customer loyalty. The database also permits the restaurant to flag patrons as VIP or even allocate them with a negative flag, while adding customer notes and preferences.


We have all seen barcodes in our day-to-day lives, but in recent years, a different type of barcode has become increasingly popular thanks to the mobile revolution, known as the QR code. So you have delivered an excellent dining experience and now it is time for the bill, Zapper and SnapScan are your restaurant payment solutions. With Zappers fully integrated ePOS system, a QR code is added to the bill, allowing your customers to scan, pay and go. This effortless payment method not only instantly notifies you of a successful payment, but also helps to increase revenue at your restaurant through greater efficiencies and targeted promotions.

Zapper contains other handy features including leaving a tip for service as well as quick and simple bill splitting. As a Zapper restaurant, your establishment also has access to an online dashboard and CMR, providing you with useful analytics, allowing you to see all the details of your mobile payments, and like with Dineplan, learn who your VIP customers are.

SnapScan doesn’t believe in having to make customers wait in line, rather they offer the nifty service of allowing customers to pay their bills immediately at their table or at the coffee counter.

It is easy and affordable to sign up for this service, with only a small 3% (EXCL VAT) transaction fee for the payments you accept, and a once off call out fee of R250, if you don’t bank with Standard Bank. Not only this, but there are no reoccurring service or hardware costs. Money aside,

SnapScan allows you to use their daily, weekly and monthly transaction reports to reconcile your total payment, the service also offers customizable referencing to suit your business needs. Payment notifications with SnapScan have never been easier, confirmation payments are received through the desired cellphone number and an integrated point of sale solution allows you to access your payment details in real-time. In addition, all accounts are settled the following business day, getting you your money quicker.


The decision for at-home dining is a big market within the industry, and it is important for restaurants to acknowledge this preference, and note that individuals increasingly busy lives require for a more efficient way of ordering in food on the go. Well, the saying goes “when you can’t bring Mohammed to the mountain, you bring the mountain to Mohammed.” In this industry the software and services provided by Mr. Delivery, UBER EATS and OrderIn are your portals accessing thousands of new customers, all while handling the hassles of providing a delivery service. Simplicity is the core construct of these businesses starting with their mobile apps, which are location-based, elegantly designed and user-friendly. The potential customer experience is effortless, with order tracking features, and various payment options.


You have delivered the full dining experience, accessed thousands of new potential customers, so now what? Well, that very crucial question can be answered by the Social Places team, which has developed Go Review. The company is currently operating in 17 countries and has local offices in Johannesburg and Cape Town.

Go Review is a platform that allows you to receive centralized social media reviews and manage live customer feedback, all while increasing popular reviews online. This innovative platform is available for both Android and iOS and helps you to manage your online reputation more efficiently while providing you with insight on how to improve customer service. Like our previously mentioned apps Go Review too displays a QR code with a unique mobile link for each registered business, for customers to leave reviews. However, it does not end here the Go Review dashboard consolidates all your customer feedback from several platforms, providing you with data on a store and brand level, and allowing you to log in at any time and retrieve customer reports.

This pioneering app can be used nationwide. Additionally, team members travel to your location to provide the correct training that will allow your restaurant the ability to clearly distinguish customer complaints and give you the power to manage the reviews that directly affect your business.

It is vital for your restaurant to acknowledge the competition and stay current within dustry related software. This will allow you clearly set yourself apart through providing a seamless customer experience from beginning to end. Creating customer loyalty and ultimately brand love

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