Tech Update – Apple Maps

The recent partnership between Social Places and Apple Maps offers a major advantage for brands looking to enhance their online presence and user interaction. According to our 2023 Digital Landscape Survey, Apple Maps usage has increased to 19% from just 6% in the previous year. Considering the vast base of over 1.7 billion Apple users worldwide, this integration provides a powerful platform for brands. By leveraging this synergy, businesses can enjoy numerous advantages, helping them stand out in the ever-evolving digital marketplace.

Up-to Date information

Make sure your location information is accurate throughout the Apple ecosystem. It’s important to keep your customers up-to-date with vital details such as regular operating hours, contact information, and special hours for public holidays and weekends. The “Listing Workflow” tool from Social Places simplifies this task, enabling your brand to ensure consistent and precise information across various platforms, even for multiple locations

Boost your rankings

The fully managed service from Social Places guarantees that your brand’s listings on Apple Maps are optimized in line with current best practices and the latest algorithm updates. This includes crafting custom descriptions and call-to-action prompts, all aimed at elevating your listings to the top of the map search results. 


Apple Maps aggregates feedback and reviews from various sources, including Tripadvisor and Foursquare, and we believe it will introduce its own review service in the future. With our reputation management tool, you can track your brand’s reputation on platforms like Google, Facebook, Tripadvisor & more. Businesses with favorable online reviews see a 74% increase in revenue. The Social Places team devises tailored review strategies based on your brand’s needs, enhancing your overall online reputation.


  • Reach a wider audience: The integration allows your band to become instantly discoverable by millions of Apple users, enhancing your reach to 1.7 billion Apple users & potential customers.
  • Enhanced Engagement: The integration will enable brands to share localized content, including offers, events, and other updates, to location profiles at scale  through the Social Places dashboard. This is not yet available in South Africa, but will be coming soon. 
  •  Drive More In-Store Visits: Enhance your brand’s  in-store foot traffic by increasing clicks, driving directions, and phone calls. Effectively managing your brand’s information with a listings tool not only attracts more customers to your physical locations but ensures a great customer experience for existing customers as well.

Enhanced Reporting Through Data Insights: 

This integration equips brands with critical data for more comprehensive reporting on metrics like impressions, searches, drives and calls. Leveraging these data-driven insights helps you comprehend customer preferences and adapt your offerings to meet their needs. Such a targeted strategy leads to improved customer satisfaction and higher conversion rates. Reports are provided at both brand and location levels, with customizable reporting views and widgets that enable you to tailor the reports to various stakeholders’ needs

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