Tech Update – Bing Integration
Social Places Bing Integration

Social Places Launches Bing Integration

Social Places, a leading SaaS MarTech agency, has recently announced an exciting integration with Microsoft Bing, further expanding its robust network of listings integrations. This collaboration together with their recently updated Apple integration represents a major advancement in their service offerings, especially considering Bing’s market presence.

Bing, the popular  Microsoft product, holds a significant share in the desktop search market, accounting for about 36%. It’s the default search engine on over 1.5 billion Windows devices. Additionally, Bing extends its capabilities to various platforms and directories, such as ChatGPT, Xbox, Outlook, Microsoft Edge, and Microsoft Teams, demonstrating its wide-reaching influence in the digital space.

Social Places Bing Integration

The integration with Social Places allows clients to effortlessly update critical location information, including trading hours, contact details, and other attributes. This streamlined process is vital for businesses managing multiple locations, ensuring accurate and up-to-date information across platforms.

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Bing’s integration offers notable enhancements in reporting functionalities. Clients can now receive detailed insights into search impressions, engagement metrics (like clicks, calls, and navigation requests), and overall brand and store performance. 

Ryan Haworth, the CEO of Social Places, commented on this integration. He noted, “Our partnership with Microsoft Bing marks a pivotal step in our journey to offer comprehensive and scalable location marketing solutions. Bing’s extensive market reach and advanced features will immensely benefit our clients, allowing them to harness the full potential of their online presence.”

For businesses interested in leveraging this new integration, Social Places encourages contacting their account manager or reaching out to the sales team at for more information. This integration promises to deliver enhanced visibility and control over multi-location listings, making it a valuable addition for businesses looking to optimize their online presence.

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