Tech Update – Twitter Integration

Tweet Tweet, the birds are chirping and now we are too. We’d like to introduce Twitter to our nest of integration, enriching our already powerful Social and Reputation suites and adding a valuable platform for even more networking expansion.

As we know Twitter is as valuable an asset as Instagram or Facebook, with a much more vocal audience, increased interactivity, and reach across a wider more conversation-based group.

Manage Comments

Manage and respond to comments directly from the Social Places Dashboard reducing handling time and increasing productivity without getting lost in the clutter.

View Direct Messages

Responding to direct messages easily results in fast response rates and easy conversation management. 

Schedule Content 

Easily schedule Twitter content in advance through the social suite, allowing for collaboration opportunities with internal and external stakeholders through content workflow.

Monitor Reporting

Analyze and record the progress of content, comments, likes, engagement, and retweets from a central dashboard overview.

Receive Notifications

Receive notifications for direct messages, comments, or retweets with sentiment analysis ensuring management of brand image and collaboration.

Contact our sales team at for more info.

Social Places Team

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