Tech Update – AI Response Pack
AI Response

Social Places Launches AI Responses & Sentiment Analysis Powered by ChatGPT & BARD: 

For 4 years, #SocialPlaces has been revolutionizing AI in customer interactions. From customer responses to sentiment analysis & intuitive reports, we’ve been the game-changers. TODAY, we’re thrilled to launch our updated AI Responses & Sentiment Analysis powered by ChatGPT & BARD!.

On-brand AI Responses Tone 

One of the key features of AI Responses is its ability to be configured to match the unique voice and tone of your brand. This ensures that every chat is authentic and consistent, which can help to build trust with your customers. 

To configure AI Responses to match your brand’s tone, you can provide Social Places with examples of your brand’s messaging, such as your website copy, social media posts, and customer support emails. Social Places will then use this information to prompt the AI Language Models to generate responses that are consistent with your brand’s voice. 

Tailored CTAs

AI Responses can be used to generate tailored calls to action (CTAs) based on the customer’s sentiment. For example, if a customer is expressing frustration, AI Responses can suggest custom form links, or customer care contact details to take the conversation offline or get the customers details to be in contact further. 

Upgraded Sentiment Analysis 

Social Places’ sentiment analysis capabilities have been upgraded to provide deeper insights into each location’s strengths and weaknesses. This information can be used to identify areas for improvement such as customer service, product, value, or atmosphere.

Actionable Reports 

Social Places provides actionable reports that turn sentiment data into insights on a brand or individual location level. This information can be used to identify customer trends, improve customer experience and satisfaction, as well as develop new products and services. 

How AI Responses & Sentiment Analysis Can Benefit Your Business 

  • Saving Time: Answering reviews across multiple channels and multiple locations is time-consuming and inefficient, Using AI responses saves your team time, and creates engaging customer experiences. 
  • Improved customer satisfaction: By identifying and addressing customer pain points, AI Insights can help to reduce customer churn and improve customer retention.
  • Reduce Risks: Early warning notification system for “red flags” can ensure you are able to identify and deal with potentially brand damaging sentiment as soon as it happens.

How to Get Started with AI Responses & Sentiment Analysis 

To get started with AI Responses & Sentiment Analysis, schedule a demo. A Social Places representative will work with you to understand your specific needs and configure AI Responses to match your brand’s voice and tone. 

Once AI Responses is configured, you can start using it to engage with customers and collect sentiment data. Social Places’ actionable reports will provide you with the insights you need to improve your customer experience and boost your bottom line. 

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