Tech Update – Asset Bank

Social Places, a leading SA  martech agency, operating in over 40 countries and working with 300+ global enterprise brands, is proud to announce  the introduction of our newest Social Suite feature, Asset Bank. . Asset Bank is a powerful and user-friendly tool that allows businesses to store, organize, and manage all their digital assets in one place.

Asset Bank is designed to help brands save time, resources, and money while streamlining their operations and improving collaboration. Some of the most essential benefits of digital asset management are the ability to conveniently store all digital assets, distribute and share them effectively, & interact  with employees, franchisees, agencies and external stakeholders..

Asset Bank offers a host of exciting features, including:

  • Advanced search and filtering capabilities 
  • Comprehensive storage for various formats (Social Media posts and a range of file types for Corporate CI elements). 
  • Internal chat widget for collaboration, 
  • Campaign Allocation. 
  • Topics/tags 
  • Automatic Asset expiry . 

Asset Bank integrates with Content Workflow, our social media scheduling tool,  allowing franchised brands to seamlessly share head office content for Franchisees to distribute to their local pages, eliminating back and forth communication on traditional channels.

Ryan Haworth, the CEO of Social Places, said: “We are very excited to introduce our upgraded Asset Bank, there are a host of innovative features that will revolutionize the way businesses manage their digital assets. Asset Bank is the result of our continuous pursuit of listening to our customers’ feedback. We believe that Asset Bank will help our clients achieve their goals more efficiently by providing them with a centralized home for their brand.”

Social Places is offering a free trial or demo of Asset Bank for interested franchise or multi-location businesses. To learn more about Asset Bank and the Social Suite, visit  or contact 

About Social Places

Social Places is a leading martech company that helps businesses with multiple locations manage their online presence and reputation. Social Places was founded in 2015 and has since grown to serve over 400 clients across 40 countries and various industries. Social Places offers a holistic dashboard for listings, reputation, and social management. Social Places is reimagining the way businesses manage digital assets. Join the future today.

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