Social Places introduces updated Reporting Suites

The Social Places reporting suite has been revamped to offer an improved design & deeper insights and analytics for your brand across all of our product suites. New features across all product suites include comparisons of different date ranges and multi-store or brand filtering – we have also rolled out several new metrics across the different product suites.


Our listing suite reports now offer the below exciting features:

  • Top and Bottom 5 store breakdown on brand reports
  • # of updates made to listings for the date range selected
  • Topline Facebook stats now included
  • Branded vs Non-Branded search overview
  • Breakdown of ROI
  • Clicks to website from Google Maps


Our reputation suite reports now offer the below data:

  • Full Omnichannel CRM Reporting (Reviews, Chats & Social Comments)
  • Amount of replies, action items, and chats responded to across channels
  • Response time breakdowns across channels 
  • Sentiment breakdown across channels 
  • Neutral and query sentiments from across the dashboard
  • Top and Bottom 5 store breakdown on brand reports
  • GoReview opt-in detail
  • Live page (all time) review scores


Our social suite reports now offer the below data:

  • Overview stats across Facebook & Instagram
  • Instagram reach, top posts, total posts and comments
  • Top posts on Facebook and Instagram insights broken down by reach and engagement

For more information on our reporting system or product suites please contact your account manager or 

Social Places Team

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